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What Are Different Types Of Lighting Systems

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One of the most important things for any interior or event is creating good lighting. It can set influence on the people through its various colours and modes. Since we are talking about lighting, it largely depends upon the colours you have light. Warm colours like red, maroon, orange can ignite the excitement among the audience. While the cool colours like blue and green can leave a soothing and calming effect.

However, depending upon the event, you can have unique lighting systems that are just more about the colours.

We have curated an entire blog about different lighting systems necessary for an event along with the various lighting controls.

To find out more, keep scrolling down.

1. Gobo Lighting

Gobo Lighting is the one kind of stencil that is being placed at the light source. As the light emerges through the Gobo – the stencilled image will get appear on the surface wherever it is being pointed.

The only reason why Gobo Lighting is famous is that of its artistic look. Basically, this kind of lighting is used in projecting the company logo or perhaps the couple’s monograph and to create appealing images and scenes.

2. Up Lighting

The name itself suggests that up lighting means where the lights are being placed on the ground and it reflects either wall or a precise object upwards. The best part about the Up Lighting is that it will help you in drawing attention to decorations, distinct sections of the rooms, speakers, presentation or any other element. Even though, if you don’t have any attractive piece in the room, then you can create an artistic vibe with Up Lighting and put in with the number of uses.

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3. Spot Lighting

Again, as mentioned above spotlighting suggests you that the spotlighting is where it is primarily focused upon a definite object or even a person. Spotlighting is very much similar to the, but there is the mere difference that the light does not come from down.

Spotlighting is an effective and suitable option for concerts and stage lighting. It will help in identifying the speakers, performers, objects and other such things. Spotlights will assist in creating numerous effects.

4. Outdoor Lighting

If the event is being held outside, that is in the open area then there is an array of options available. From DIY to automatic lighting one can try out anything depending upon the setup. For fun mood, you can have paper lanterns. While for dinner or dance floor, you can have a string of lights or the latest in trend bistro lights.

5. Stage Lighting

For any performance, stage lighting plays a significant role. With the right kind of lighting, it can set the mood thereby boosting up the cheers. Also, the unique and latest effects like fog and laser lights will form a magical feel on the stage. With reliable and robust products, one can have stage lighting at its highest.

So, that was all about different types of lighting systems. But which one should you go for?

To answer your question, the lighting is entirely upon the event or the occasion you are having and needs of every individual who is organising the event. There are many firms who can help you out in setting up the lights.

Gone are the days of where you have to manage the lighting without any tech. With the help of latest innovations, the lighting systems are being controlled through simple clicks on mobile phones or computer systems.

Below described are few benefits of having lighting control systems.

1. It happens that there are more lighting fixtures in your home that means that several switches for on and off. However, with the lighting control system, you will be getting rid of everything with only one keypad that will help you control the lighting of the entire home or any other place.

2. Did you know that dimming the lights saves energy? Guess what it’s true, it saves your electricity bill thereby increasing the life of bulbs.

3. Each one of us has faced going to the room with lights on. However, a lighting control system will shut off the lights whenever the room is empty.

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4. If your home has an automation system, then you can also add your lights into the control system. You will be able to control other systems in your home like audio, video through the lighting keypads.

Lighting systems do more than brighten up your home, office or any staged event. It will help you in increasing productivity, saving energy and money.

Do you want to excite people or calm them down? Totally upon you! Merely follow the above-written article, and you will get the idea what lighting system to set up for your next event.

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