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Braces Are Cool – Even If You’re An Adult

In the last five years there’s been a rapid increase in adults heading to the dentist chair to finally have their smile pulled and pushed into the perfect position. So much so, the British Orthodontic Society reported that three quarters of their patrons are seeing more adults head to their practices. Gone are the days of shame around having a mouth full of wires. So why is it suddenly cool to have braces in Stoke-on-Trent?

Celebs made it cool

One of the benefits of social media and influencer culture is that your favourite stars are just a tap away. More and more celebrities are opening up about their struggles with self-image and talking about how we feel is becoming the norm. With this comes a wave of generation Z who are willing to crack on with braces – with the added benefit that many are sponsored by various orthodontic brands. But where’s the harm, when it’s normalising braces? And finally giving permission for people to get the corrective treatment they deserve? If someone breaks a leg we don’t turn our noses up at them wearing a cast, why are braces different?


Unfortunately lots of adults missed the NHS brace option as children and so have ended up entering adulthood with unhappy smiles. With the introduction of interest-free payment plans, finally orthodontic treatments are becoming affordable and manageable. Who has a spare fortune in the bank, not many! But through paying a deposit and breaking the payments down, more and more of us can finally afford brace treatment to enhance our smiles.


After what we have all been through there is a new wave of health consciousness, with wellbeing and wellness at the top of many people’s list. It’s all certainly top of the millennial priority list and it doesn’t just stop at general health. Having straighter teeth will just naturally make your smile healthier. Straighter teeth, simply put, are easier to clean teeth and therefore healthier teeth. Oral care starts and ends (for the most part) with how well people practise their daily oral health routine and so having a simple smile to navigate when brushing and flossing is a huge plus.

Men are bracing too

It was reported that eighty per cent of adults with braces were aged between twenty-six and fifty-five, but that eighty per cent of these were women. However, this is changing, more and more adult men are heading to the dentist chair to whip their teeth into shape. It’s all about being visible, the more who indulge in adult teeth straightening the more others will want to do it too. And why not, it’s cool to take care of yourself. If you’ve always dreamt of a perfect smile, why not try now?

Why not you?

So if you’ve been debating whether you should take the plunge then maybe now’s your time to shine. Lots of practices are covering options for adult teeth straightening that are discreet and comfortable. Finally having the treatment you’ve been dreaming of could be just the boost you need this year.

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