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What Shy People Can Do at Parties to Have More Fun

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Let’s face it, some of us are just more introverted than others. The introverted sorts may prefer to stay home rather than go out to a party, but if there is a business function or if a relative is having an important life event, you may be forced to get out of the house and (gasp) socialize.

If you are a shy person who is dreading going to that upcoming corporate event, wedding or bar mitzvah, never fear. Here are some tips for getting comfortable when you are out in public.

Visit the Venue in Advance: This may not seem like it would be useful, but you might be surprised to learn how much more uncomfortable people will feel if they are somewhere they have never been before.

Getting a feel for what the venue is like will not only relieve anxiety, it will get you familiar with the vibe of the place so you can start figuring out what to wear and what they event will be like. This will help you to feel relax when the event actually takes place.

Stay in the Center of the Room: Most shy people tend to stay on the outskirts of a room choosing to hug a wall rather than be in the center of things. However, hugging a wall will just draw more attention to you while standing in the center can help you get lost in the crowd. And who knows, you just might spark up a conversation or two!

Rehearse What Your Going to Say: It may seem a bit ridiculous but thinking of what you are going to say in advance will make you feel more at ease when you are talking to someone. Think of topics you enjoy talking about or be prepared to listen…because, let’s face it, most people love talking about themselves!

If talking to a superior gives you anxiety, think of something simple to say like ‘nice party’ or ‘great seeing you’ and be prepared to move on.

Pay Some Attention to What You Will Wear

Shy people tend to underdress thinking this will take some of the focus off of them. However, underdressing can make you feel just as out of place as overdressing will. Therefore, it’s best to find out what they vibe of the party is going to be and go from there to find an outfit that will allow you to fit in perfectly.


This may seem like the last thing a shy person will want to do but dancing can be a great way to pass the time at an event. Dancing can take your mind off your insecurities and get you to loosen up. Also, you don’t have to think about talking to anyone while you are dancing!

A great cover band will be sure to get everyone out on the dance floor. A crowded dance floor provides the perfect cover for a shy person to escape into their own thoughts.

Embrace Your Shyness

If you are shy, you may be down on yourself, especially if you are out in public. Instead of letting this get to you, try to embrace your shyness. This will make you feel more comfortable over all.

Also, remember, even the most outgoing people have their insecurities. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

If you are shy, going to an event can be stressful. However, if you do a bit of research and take a little time to think about what will make you comfortable, you will find they are not so bad after all. What will you be doing to ease up at the next event you attend.?

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