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How To Choose Colored Hair Extensions

Colored hair extension, How to choose hair extensions

Colored hair extensions are a fun way of transforming your look for a special occasion or night out and whether you opt for clip in extensions or weaves, the following is a quick guide on how to choose them.

Choosing the color

You first need to decide whether you’re looking for something edgy or prefer to stay with a more subtle and mellow look.

If you’re aiming low key then choose colors nearest to your own hair shade and choose low-lites as opposed to highlights. For example blondes should choose honey and caramel shades and those with black or brown hair should choose auburn or deep reds.

If you’re looking for something more trendy or edgy, then choose vibrant colors which will make you stand out. It’s not as if it’s a permanent look and if you don’t like the effect you can easily take it out.

How much hair to buy

If you’re just looking to add a few streaks of color here and there, then you’ll only need a minimum amount of extensions. If you want an entire head of purple hair, then you’ll need to buy a one piece in that color. If you’re weaving, then you’ll need to buy about two packs to three packs of hair for a full head.

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Hair extensions prices

The good news is that colored hair extensions whether clip on or weave shouldn’t cost any more whether they are brightly colored or more natural in appearance. However, some unscrupulous retailers will charge a premium for bright colors because they’re not normally sold as wholesale hair in large quantities.

Choosing colors to suit your skin tone

The best looks are generally those where the hair matches the color of your skin. For example if you have dark skin and you want to go blonde then opt for a mix of colors blended together for a more sophisticated look. Start with darker blonde colors such as caramel and honey and use low-lites in brown shades so that the contrast between your skin color and hair is not so stark.

On the flip side if your skin is pale then wearing black hair extensions for instance, will require some clever blending. Using deep reds blended in with black will make the skin tone appear warmer.

At the end of the day, however, it’s your hair and your choice. So wear whatever color you feel happy with and make the way you wear your hair your own.

Human hair extensions or synthetic

Human hair weighs more than synthetic hair so you might want to consider that, especially if you’re considering a 20 inch hair extensions or longer since traction can give you a headache and damage your own hair. Price wise you may pay more the best Remy hair but like your own hair it can be cut, styled and colored. You can even curl it and use heating irons on it, so if you’re looking for the long term, then human hair will ultimately last longer if looked after carefully.

So hopefully that’s give you all the information you need to know about choosing colored hair extensions. So go and have fun!

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