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Style Guide: Wearing Shorts for Your Body Type

Shorts trend 2018

You don’t need the body of a model to rock your favourite shorts this summer. Here is a post that sheds light on the different types of shorts for different types of body shapes. So don’t shy away from showing some leg this summer. After all, clothing and fashion have always been about feeling good and never about your size.

Mid-Length Universal Shorts For All Body Type

If there is one pair of shorts that can flatter any body type, mid-length shorts has to be it. These look good on all legs, whether you are short, tall, thin or curvy. These shorts are usually seven to eight inches long and are cover up the most problematic area, the upper thighs.

Tip: If you want to make your legs appear slimmer, mid-length shorts are just perfect for you. Wear these and you would be in style, always.

Knee-Length Shorts For Flabby Legs

Knee-length shorts are perfect for covering up your problems areas. Whether you have heavy thighs or upper thighs, or you have dimpled thighs, knee-length shorts are your thing.

Tip: If knee-length shorts make you look shorter, balance it out by wearing heeled wedges. Try to look for the slim-cut variety.

Short Pants For Short Legs

If you have short legs, look for a pair of shorts that are about five inches long. This length is perfect if you want to cover your legs without overdoing it. This length will make your legs appear longer.

Tip: Avoid roll-up shorts or cuffed ones. These will instantly make you look shorter.

Roll-Up Shorts For The Tall And Thin

If you are tall and have thin legs, you need not shy away from wearing shorts. For you, rolled-up shorts will work best. They make your body and legs look curvier and hence, solve your problem.

Tip: You can use your roll-up shorts to add length as and when you need to. Simple ankle fitting flats would look sexy with these.

Bermuda Shorts For Plus Sizes

Who said only slim people can have all the fun? Even plus size women can wear shorts and look good. Bermuda shorts are almost always best for plus size women. These are also perfect for all your travel plans. Longer cuts in these shorts help hide curves away.

Tip: Pair these with wedges and your legs will appear longer.

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