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How To Know If Your Car’s Suspension Is Failing

How To Know If Your Cars Suspension Is Failing

When your car’s suspension works as it should, you enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride. However, due to bumps, potholes and rust, your vehicle’s suspension system can falter. If you suspect something isn’t right because of the way your car rides, here’s how to know if your suspension is to blame.

Your Commute Is Bumpier

If you’ve found it impossible to sip coffee on your morning commute because the ride has become so rough, your suspension might be off. When a car’s suspension isn’t working, every bump on the road feels exaggerated or bouncy. To test this theory, park your vehicle and push down on the front end. If it rises and then continues to bounce, you’re a good candidate for suspension work Lakewood CO.

The Car Takes a Nosedive

The last thing you want to see your car do is to take a nosedive, but when the suspension is faulty, that’s exactly what can happen. When a car’s suspension isn’t working properly, each time you break the front of the car dips toward the ground. Vice versa, when you accelerate you’ll see the front of the vehicle pop back up while the rear sinks down.

Your Car Drifts or Seems Uneven

Many times a car drifting or sitting unevenly is a symptom of a failed suspension. Check your tires for signs of uneven wear which may mean your suspension isn’t holding the weight of the vehicle. You’ll also notice that the car drifts off to one side while you’re driving. This is a classic sign of a suspension issue and should be diagnosed by a professional.

Having one or more of these car symptoms is no reason to panic. If you’re experiencing a bumpier or bouncier ride than normal, or your car is drifting, a quick visit to a qualified shop will pinpoint the problem.

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