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5 Ideas to Update Your Office Break Room

Office Break Room

Whether you are a school teacher, a dental assistant or work in a large factory, it is essential to take a break during your day at work. If you had a magic wand and could add something to your break room, which of these five items would you choose?

1. Dining Table and Chairs

Having a place to sit and eat lunch has got to be every employee’s dream. You probably eat at least one meal each day at your job and having a dining table would be wonderful. It could also be used for employee training with a built-in area to take notes.

2. Vending Machines

At least once, you have probably forgotten to bring your lunch. Wouldn’t having food right there for purchase be ideal? There are a variety of vending machine services available that can solve this problem.

3. Massage Chair

Taking ten minutes to have a mini-massage would probably improve your day. There are studies that show a massage chair can also benefit your health. The only issue would be standing in line waiting for your turn.

4. Refrigerator

Bringing leftovers from last night’s dinner is a perfect lunch for the next day at work. Having a fridge in the break room seems like a natural thing to request from your employer. And while you are at it, ask for a microwave, too.

5. Comfortable Couch

Who wouldn’t enjoy a power nap during their lunch break? Once you have eaten, a chance to put up your feet for ten minutes may help you have the energy to face the rest of the day. You better set a timer on your phone, to make sure you wake back up.

Maybe you don’t have magical powers, but perhaps a note in the office suggestion box will help your dream come true. It’s worth a try!

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